Patti DiGangi RDH, BS

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Patti DiGangi is one of the most visible healthcare speakers known for her leadership and vision. Her highly sought-after presentations are known for their authenticity, humor, and level of engagement. Patti sees clearly that we must create the future we wish to experience by identifying tomorrow’s opportunity today. People leave her workshops feeling inspired, embraced, celebrated, and activated to not only understand, but also influence the future direction of healthcare.

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Dentalcodeology: An Insurance Coding Book Series

DentalCodeology: A Series of Bite-Size Mini Book on Dental Insurance Coding

Dentistry is no longer just fixing teeth but dental medicine. Minnesota dental professionals are now required to adopt a certified, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) system, like their medical counterparts, by 2015. EHR will be the most dramatic change in your dental practice in the next five years. Change is not coming; change is here.

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Planning to schedule an event? Hear Patti talk about her courses on her YouTube Channel or you can download the Meeting Planners Course Packet for more information on planning an event by clicking here. (Last updated 12/15/2013)

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